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Visit Bari

Bari is the capital of Puglia, the region in the heel of the Italian “boot.” It is located on the south eastern coast of Italy facing the Adriatic see. With a population of 325230 inhabitants, it serves as the second largest economic centre of the southern region of Italy behind Naples. The old town centre of Bari is nestled around the harbour and the wider residential and business area spreads out from this point into the mainland. The old town of Bari, with its winding medieval streets, provides a fantastic display of historical architecture, important buildings such as the Castel Svevo, whilst the modern town hosts some fine museums and shopping streets. The combination of old and new is ever apparent in this wonderful coastal city. Puglia boasts some of the country’s best foods (favourite foods in Puglia). And, of course, you can taste some of the best in Bari.
You can watch a video of Bari here

The Best Things to visit in Bari (Italy):

  • Basilica of San Nicola
  • Cattedraledi San Sabino in Bari
  • CastelloNormannoSvevo
  • Bari Old Town
  • LungomareNazario Sauro
  • Piazza Mercantile
  • Bari Pinacoteca Provinciale
  • Via Sparano
  • Lido San Francesco
  • ParcoNationaleAlta Murgia
  • BorgoMurattiano
  • Museo del SuccorpodellaCattedrale
  • TeatroPetruzzelli