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13 March 2020 message

Dear students,
here some updates and further useful information with respect to the 5 March 2020 message.
According to the new measures of the Italian government, I’ve updated the measures at Politecnico di Bari for the containment and management of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency COVID-19, and I’ve allowed on-line exams. The text in English is available at the following links:

I recommend everyone to strictly follow the Ministry of Health sanitary rules of thumb. Further resources in English about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are available at the World Health Organization (WHO) website. In particular, here there is useful advice for the public. Finally, information on how the Italian government is managing the Coronavirus emergency is available here.

The good news is that within a few days almost all active 2nd semester courses are held online:

We have experienced very little technical problems, and professors and students are satisfied with the quality of the communication.

Information for attending online classes are available here:

If you are on Erasmus+ mobility (incoming and outgoing), you can voluntarily interrupt the mobility and, for duration below the eligible limits (60 days in case of internship and 90 in case of study), this interruption will be considered “due to force majeure”. For further information, please see my 5 March 2020 message.

Foreign students and staff that wish to get back to their home Countries, also according to the recommendations of their Embassies, can likely experience difficulties due to flight and transportation restrictions. I suggest they check indication given by Foreign Offices of their home Countries; a comprehensive list is here. Keep in mind that your Embassy and Consulate offices in Italy can provide assistance for your needs. Of course, also our Office of International Relations will provide support: you can contact the office via Skype or Teams (preferable) or email. Further useful information for Erasmus+ foreign students in Italy can be found here.

For Politecnico’s students that are abroad for Erasmus+ mobility and have decided to return in Italy, information on eventual special arrangements for overcoming flight and transportation restrictions can be found here.

I would point out for both foreign students in Italy, and Italian students abroad for Erasmus+ mobility that once back in their home Countries is highly advisable to strictly observe a quarantine period, to avoid the spreading of Coronavirus disease. Instruction for quarantine is given by the Ministry of Health of each Country.

According to the Italian government’s provisions, new Erasmus+ outgoing and incoming mobility of Italian students, as well as the mobility of academic and administrative staff, are suspended for now.

Thank you for your attention, and for your cooperation in this very critical time.

The Rector

5 March 2020 message

Dear students,
as you already know, I’ve recently adopted the "Measures of Politecnico di Bari in terms of containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID – 2019" together with the regulation for "Smart working or agile work for administrative and library technical staff". All information is available on the site at the following links:

In addition, all students have been informed of the procedure to enroll and attend the courses provided remotely. Courses already available in distance learning mode are listed at:

In almost all areas of the Campus, new devices are able to provide wireless coverage of the Eduroam broadband network. This will facilitate the activities of teachers for distance learning by allowing them to access with their wireless devices from their offices or classrooms. Those who have not yet configured access to Eduroam will find on the Poliba portal (in the Services menu) the link to the page with instructions:

With regard to, specifically, all of you who are on Erasmus+ mobility (incoming and outgoing), following what has been communicated by the Erasmus+ National Agency, I inform you that, in case of need, the mobility can be voluntarily interrupted and, for duration below the eligible limits (60 days in case of internship and 90 in case of study study), this interruption will be considered “cause of major force” and reported to the aforementioned Agency, reimbursing the sums given in advance and not due. I therefore invite you not only to comply with the provisions of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers but also to limit your movements to situations of real need, promptly giving information to the Office of International Relations for the related fulfillments.
In this regard, I confirm that the usual reception and support from the Office of International Relations will continue to be provided. Actually, from this week, only via Skype or Teams (preferable) or Email. You are therefore invited to have an account (to be communicated) in order to continue studying, collaborating and working in serenity.
I thank you for your cooperation in a critical moment for all of us.

The Rector