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***21/07/2016 - Maximum number of registrations has been reached.***

Automotive sector in Bari (Italy) is characterized by the strong presence of the Technical University,”Politecnico di Bari” and industrial groups such as Bosch, Getrag, Magneti Marelli, Isotta Fraschini Motori, as well as research centers such as the Fiat Research Centre. The best-known research product developed in Bari is the fuel injection system for diesel engines, commonly known as "common rail".

Politecnico di Bari and Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli S.p.A. (Bosch Group) are working together to promote the interest of students in automotive engineering with theses, stages and grants. This year, these two entities will organize the Second Edition of the “Bari Automotive Summer School” aiming to increase even more the opportunities to train enthusiast young graduate, post-graduate and professionals in engineering, orienting them to the most promising research fields in the automotive sector.  For the second edition, seminars will focus on the emerging technologies for the “sustainable mobility”, needed to meet the severe restrictions to the pollutant emissions, fuel economy, biofuels, hybrid and electric engines powered by renewables, web-connected engines, etc.


The aim of the Summer School is to gather young promising and open mind participants, interested in exploring new technologies in the automotive sector and to propose original and creative new ideas. Participants will learn new technologies, deepening theoretical aspects and practical issues, thanks to lectures given by researchers working in university, industry or research laboratories. The Summer School promotes interaction between participants and speakers. The participants will perform team works on innovative and challenging themes also in order to promote team spirit and leadership. The participants will be supported by teachers and tutors from Politecnico di Bari and Bosch, who will participate in their discussions.

The Summer School is organized in two main parts:

  • Four days (Monday to Thursday) for Lessons and Case studies from Academic and Experts from industry for about 35 students.
  • Last day (Friday), the participants will attend to an one day conference with testimonials from Bosch, Academics and others. Beside the participants of the first 4 days, this event is open to qualified audience only.

Programme in detali - download

Who should attend

  • Phd Students
  • MSc
  • MSc students

Professionals coming from industries are welcomed. Lectures will be given in English in order to promote the participation of foreign students.

Registration for prospective Students is possible until the end of July.

The maximum number of participants is 35. During registration, candidates must fulfill registration. Admitted candidates will be informed within mid of 2015 August, 10. Final registration and payment must be performed within end of July.
Please UPLOAD your PDF file (named: "SURNAME-NAME.PDF") to conplete the registrazion form about your bank transefer (220 €).
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Registration form

The registration fee is 220 Eur per participant. The fee includes coffee breaks and lunches for all the five days of the summer school, closure dinner. The organization will offer discounted price accommodation at the Student College “Campus X” (free internet connection, air conditioned), Double Room 28 Eur / Single Room 38 Eur per night per participant.

The school takes place in the old city of Bari in a magnificent old building completely renewed in order to host meetings and seminars (via Lombardi, Isolato 47, Bari, Italy). The final day, open to invited audience, will be hosted in Villa Romanazzi Carducci Hotel in Bari.

September 19 - 23, 2016


  • Angelo Onorati – Politecnico di Milano
  • Nicolò Cavina – Università di Bologna
  • Antonio Ficarella – Università del Salento
  • Sergio Camporeale – Politecnico di Bari
  • Massimo La Scala – Politecnico di Bari
  • Riccardo Amirante – Politecnico di Bari
  • Bianca Maria Vaglieco – Istituto Motori Napoli
  • Silvana Di Iorio - Istituto Motori Napoli
  • Ezio Mancaruso - Istituto Motori Napoli
  • Paolo Sementa - Istituto Motori Napoli
  • Fabio Bozza – Università degli Studi Federico II Napoli
  • Cesare Pianese – Università di Salerno
  • Antonio Arvizzigno – Bosch CVIT
  • Armando Vollono - Bosch CVIT
  • Massimiliano Roncone - Bosch CVIT
  • Christophe Bernard (ETAS Gmbh, Italy)
  • Massimo Tortorici - Fiat Powertrain Technology
  • Mario Ricco - Direttore MEDIS
  • Bosch team - teamwork


Scientific Committee, Organization and Information

The event is conducted by Politecnico di Bari and Bosch CVIT. Scientific directors:

  • Prof. Riccardo Amirante - Politecnico di Bari
  • Prof. Sergio Camporeale - Politecnico di Bari
  • Ing. Paolo Ciccarese, Bosch CVIT
  • Ing. Alberto Diano, Bosch CVIT
  • Ing. Sebastian Fischer, Bosch CVIT


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