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Mobility students

Mobility students
If you want to come to Politecnico di Bari within the framework of student mobility programmes, like Erasmus+ Student Mobility, you are a perspective mobility student.

First of all you must contact the International Relations Office, that will provide you all the information about the arrival procedures, e.g. important dates and deadlines, registration, check-in, insurance, visa for non-European citizens, etc.

For information about specific courses, the course catalogue is available here. A searchable database of all the courses, available in English and in Italian, is here. You may want to contact directly a specific professor (as identified in the course catalogue) to obtain further information about her/his course.

To prepare in advance your Learning Agreement, after getting information on the courses, you must contact an academic Coordinator for International Mobility ("Erasmus Coordinator") at Politecnico di Bari. You must select the right person, according to your area of studies. The list of the International Mobility Coordinators is at this page.


Rules for incoming Ph.D. students
If you are an incoming Ph.D. student, first of all you must contact a professor of Politecnico di Bari, to check her/his availability as a local Ph.D. advisor. The local advisor must be available to support your Ph.D. work at Politecnico di Bari, jointly with your Ph.D. advisor at your home university. The local Ph.D. advisor will be, for you, what the Erasmus Coordinator is for mobility students of 1st and 2nd cycle.

After haveing agreed a tentative mobility programme and mobility period with the local Ph.D. advisor and your home Ph.D. advisor, you must contact the International Relations Office for the arrival procedure.

Together with the International Relations Office, you must also inform:

- the Director of the Department which will host you;
- the Doctoral School Coordinator, for the Department which will host you;
- the International Mobility Coordinator, for your area of study and research.

The names and email addresses of the persons above will be provided by your local Ph.D. advisor.

Of course, all the steps concerning your mobility must be taken with the approval of your Ph.D. advisor, and whoever is in charge for you Ph.D. programme at your university.