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Pietro Guccione

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Pietro Guccione is Assistant Professor at the Electrical and Information Engineering Department of Politecnico di Bari, Italy, since 1999.
In the same University he achieved the master degree in Electronic Engineering in 1996 defending a thesis in signal processing of synthetic aperture radar. He qualified to the examination to engineers register in 1997; in 2000 he graduated PhD in Electronic Engineering with a thesis on radar interferometry.
Since 1999 his interests concerned synthetic aperture radar processing and interferometry; he designed, developed and implemented systems and algorithms for advanced processing, in the framework of international cooperations; he was involved in projects concerning ERS (European Remote Sensing Satellite), ENVISAT (Environment Satellite), Cryosat, Sentinel-1, Sentinel-6, Cosmo SkyMed and BIOMASS with European Space Agency, Italian Space Agency and other national spatial agencies and international companies.
His interests have touched: radar design, SAR simulation, focusing, interferometric processing, calibration, on-board processing and data compression for Earth Observation sensors, modelling of C- and X-band SAR sensors and Doppler altimeters. Other research interests concern(ed): multivariate statistical techniques on sensor networks data, Information Theory, biomedical processing and image processing, watermarking, speech signal processing and functional Magnetic Resonance Images, X-ray diffracted spectra and Scanning Electron Microscope images.
He collaborated and managed several projects and research studies involving various organizations; among these: the Italian Space Agency (co-investigator in the Announcement of Opportunity on Cosmo SkyMed of 2009), the Milan Polytechnic, the European Space Agency (as consultant in several scientific projects concerning the main Earth Observation SAR sensors), the University College of London (for Cryosat project), Sheffield University (for BIOMASS study), the Remote Sensing Laboratory of Zurich University (for ENVISAT mission) and various international companies as Aresys s.r.l. (spin-off of Milan Polytechnic), Astrium Germany, Astrium France, Alenia Thales Italy, as well as local companies. He has been involved in the Commissioning Team of ESA satellite Sentinel-1A&B and in the scientific team for the study of the external calibration of ESA BIOMASS satellite, as scientific consultant of one of the involved companies. He also collaborates with Department of Computer Science of University of Bari on hyperspectral remote sensing classification and with National research Council, Institute of Crystallography, on X-ray powder diffraction profiles multivariate analysis.
He has been visiting professor at Vicomtech a research institution in Spain, in May 2014.
He is or has been teacher of Digital Signal Processing, Signal Theory, Information Theory and Communication Systems for the master degree of Telecommunication Engineering. He is currently teacher of Multidimensional Signal Processing course, taught in English, for the master degree of Telecommunication Engineering in Politecnico di Bari, Italy.
He has been supervisor of over than thirty master thesis among old and new class degree ordering. Topics of the master thesis concerned remote sensing, signal processing, image processing. He has been also supervisor of a doctorate student of the “Scuola Interpolitecnica di Dottorato” on the theme of image processing, watermarking and data hiding. He has been supervisor of three Doctorate Students on Synthetic Aperture radar problems, ground based SAR, multivariate analysis applied on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and hyperspectral remotely sensed images classification.
He is rewiever of several international journals publishing with IEEE, MDPI, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis and Hindawi-Wiley editors; he is currently Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Earth Science and Engineering of David Publishing Company and official reviewer of MDPI Editor. He is author or co-author of about 90 international publications (as journal and conference proceedings); in April 2012 a co-authored paper won the Best Poster Award in EUSAR 2012 Conference. He is currently indexed in Scopus [http://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.url?authorId=7003505664 h-index=9, i10index=10] and in Google Citations [http://scholar.google.com /citations?user=MlEIChIAAAAJ&hl=en h-index=10, i10index=12]. The institutional web page is: http://dee.poliba.it/guccioneweb/index.html
He has been member of the Program Committee of several National and International Conferences, belongs to the Italian scientific-disciplinary order ING-INF/03 ‘Telecomunicazioni’ and has been IEEE member from 2007 to 2011.