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COVID-19 emergency: Further information from the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency following updates from the European Commission.

The global health emergency caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus and the closure of University structures and Institutions hosting people’s mobility in general, as well as the adoption of extra-ordinary measures in Italy and, subsequently, in other EU and non-EU countries, have generated several implications for Erasmus mobility of students and staff. Consequently, this emergency requires an exceptional management of Erasmus + mobility activities, taking as reference the provisions issued by the European Commission to the National Agencies.
The specific procedures concerning the management of Erasmus + mobility for higher education to be set up for this exceptional situation will be formally communicated by this Agency to Higher Education Institutions that are beneficiary of mobility projects, in accordance with the provisions issued by the European Commission to all National Agencies of countries participating in the Program.
The guiding approach will be flexible and as much as possible oriented to guarantee the participants the concrete support needed in an extraordinary situation, including the essential support to guarantee the completion of the learning outcomes indicated in the Learning Contracts.
All students who had to stop mobility and who came back to their country of origin will be able to continue Erasmus mobility virtually. They will preserve the Erasmus grant and will benefit from the distance teaching activities that receiving Institution will make available, in compliance with the study plan (approved Erasmus Learning Agreement) and as agreed with your home Institution. In this way, these students will go ahead with acquisition of all foreseen ECTS, also by taking distance exam.
Home institution will be responsible of the recognition of the activities carried out and acquired credits.
Finally, all recent graduates already selected for Erasmus mobility who have been forced to postpone it, are allowed to spend the mobility period within 18 months, instead of 12, from the degree achievement.

You can find further informations about COVID-19 emergency at this link