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EU Industry Weeks 2022

The EU Industry Weeks is a collaboration between the European Commission and stakeholders of European industrial ecosystems. Companies, entrepreneurs, organisations, national ministries or other industry stakeholders can curate and host their own local events across Europe as part of the official EU Industry Weeks programme.

EU Industry Weeks is a wider framing of the EU Industry Days, bringing the discussion to the local communities around Europe. Industry stakeholders organised local events across Europe in January and February 2022. 

The Polytechnic of Bari has been selected for this call as the only event in southern Italy.

WEBINAR 08/02/2022 | Ore 15:00 - 17:00 

Opportunities for the regional industrial ecosystems 

The workshop will focus on discussing the development of place-based incubator models and presenting related international experiences. These models may support young entrepreneurs and startuppers in establishing new firms that would benefit from local and context-specific knowledge, experience and capabilities. The event will be broadcast in live streaming on the PoliBa YouTube channel. 

Download full program: Italian version (Click here) | English version (Click here

EU Industry Weeks 2022