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Enrollment @ Poliba for foreign students

Foreign students
If you have not Italian citizenship, and you want to enroll as a regular student in one of the degree programmes at Politecnico di Bari, you are a perspective foreign student. 
First of all you must comply with the rules fixed by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR), described in the official website for this special purpose. Infopoint at POLIBA is
If you want to enroll in a restricted entry degree programme, you must take the annual selective test for the programme and pass it before enrolling. If you want to enroll in a degree programme with non-restricted entry, the selective test is not needed. In any case, you have to show a good competence of Italian Language (at least B1 level of the CEFR): you will need to pass an Italian Language Test, or to demonstrate a B1 knowledge of Italian language by a recognised Language Certification.
Other requirements for the enrollment depends on your actual status:

1) EU-citizen
2) Non EU-citizen with Italian residence permit
3) Non EU-citizen without Italian residence permit

EU citizens
EU-citizens can enroll in an university in Italy, provided they have a valid qualification, regardless from their residence. The application must be submitted during the enrollment period, and besides the usual forms, the following documents are needed:
1) Original secondary school qualification with a legal translation in Italian.
2) “Dichiarazione di valore” (declaration of equivalent value) for the school qualification. It is issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authority. This declaration must certify that the qualification has been obtained at the end of a school period of at least 12 years, and must indicate the final marks and the mark range.

Non-EU citizens with Italian residence permit
Non-EU citizens resident in Italy are those holding a residence permit (“permesso di soggiorno”). The enrollment procedure is the same for EU citizens, but they must also provide a copy of the residence permit.

Non-EU citizens without Italian residence permit
Non-EU citizens living with residence outside Italy must address a pre-enrollment to the Italian diplomatic authorities in the applicant's country of residence, or where she/he obtained the qualification, during the period established yearly in the Ministry's notice ( It is necessary to enclose the secondary school qualification for the legal translation, and the declaration of equivalent value ("Dichiarazione di valore").
The Italian diplomatic authorities will send the applicant’s documents to Politecnico di Bari.