Info to all Students

Info to all Students

Are you a student of the Politecnico or want to become one? All information in order not to lose orientation: programmes, enrolment, registration.



Do you want to do scientific research at the Politecnico di Bari? Funding opportunities, scholarships and competition notices. Structures, projects and research groups.

Recruitment and Local Business

Recruitment and Local Business

Technology transfer and business services, job training, placement and career opportunities.

Video spot

Video spot

Watch the spot of the Politecnico di Bari.

Poliba WebTV

Poliba WebTV

Politecnico di Bari Live: cultural events, seminars, events, shot in High Definition to give you the highest quality transmission.

  • Info to all Students

    Info to all Students

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  • Recruitment and Local Business

    Recruitment and Local Business

  • Video spot

    Video spot

  • Poliba WebTV

    Poliba WebTV

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Top news and events

- Are you a foreign student and you don’t know how to become a "Politecnico di Bari" student ?

You’re on the right website!

First of all, You have to register to the T.A.I. Standard (the Admission Test for our first degree courses); pay attention: You have to pass it to study here! The test will take place from September 9th 2014 but we will call You first. You need to register to the Esse3 platform ( and apply for the Admission test (TAI – Test di Ammissione ad Ingegneria) from August 7th to August 28th 2014. Then, You have to pass an Italian language test, on September 2nd 2014.

 You need to contact the Italian Embassy in Your country to fill some papers for Your previous studies.

 If You need some more information, You can write to

- Admission to the three-year Degree Courses in Engineering 2014/15

- Admission to the Master of Science in Industrial Design

- Admission to the course of Syst. logistics for agribusiness


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